1,396 comments on “Introducing the Carta Bella Design Team!

  1. Jamie Greene on said:

    Congrats ladies:)

  2. Nicole Martel on said:

    What a fabulous team! Congrats ladies!

  3. Becky Williams on said:

    Congratulations to all of you! What a fantastic team!

  4. Patricia on said:

    Congrats Ladies! And Thank You, Carta Bella. Cannot tell you how excited I am to work with this team!

  5. Tamara on said:

    Thank you SO much!!! I’m very excited to be on this talented team!!

  6. Monika Wright on said:

    Thrilled to bits for Patricia and Tamara and the rest of the ladies, too!

  7. Natasja Cats on said:

    SO excited to be a part of this great team!

  8. Cassie on said:

    How exciting!! Congratulations to everyone!! <3 <3 <3 Patricia and Tamara!!!!!!

  9. Monique Liedtke on said:

    Yay! Congrats Pam and Patricia!!!! so happy for you!
    And of course congrats to the rest of the team as well!

  10. Izzy Anderson on said:

    What a fabulous team! I can’t wait to see what you create. I know it will blow me away! Congrats to you all.

  11. Shellye on said:

    Big huge congrats! Lots of familiar faces…they will bring nothing but awesomeness to Carta Bella :)

  12. Kim Watson on said:

    Hey CONGRATULATIONS to all of you ! I am thrilled to be part of such an awesome bunch of creative gals. Thanks again Carte Bella!!

  13. Juliana on said:

    Congrats ladies!!!!! What a great team!!!

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