Introducing Our Summer CHA 2012 Releases!

CHA is only a couple of weeks away, but I get to give you a sneak peek of the collections coming out!

First up are our August releases.  Hitting stores will be Alphabet Junction by Melanie Ritchie and my All Hallow’s Eve line. Alphabet Junction is bright and happy. The stickers sheets are darling and the colors are fabulous! I’m loving the versatility of the line since it could be used for school, baby, or just about any child-related layout. I’m going to be hoarding this line to do all of Felicity’s kindergarten layouts in August.

You’ve already been introduced to All Hallow’s Eve since we decided to release it at the same time as Paris Girl. It’s subdued and sophisticated. As promised in the previous video, Lindsay and I will be sharing the line soon (Lindsay says we should dress up. We’ll see if he can convince me!).

Next up are our Christmas releases! Merry and Bright was designed by Deena Rutter. It’s her whimsical style that makes this Christmas line so sweet. Lots of great alpha, numbers, and borders in this collection. And did I mention the owls? Totally adorable!

Our second Christmas line is very traditional in green, red, and gold. Christmas Day is sophisticated, classic, and has a lot of holiday spirit! If you like to keep it traditional, this is the line for you. I did our family photos from last December in this line (see photo below) and was SO happy with how the layouts turned out.

How’s that for a sneak peek? More these lines to come! As always, you can check out layouts and giveaways for these and any of our previous lines on our facebook page at

1,660 comments on “Introducing Our Summer CHA 2012 Releases!

  1. Laurel Seabrook on said:

    Oh my! I have already pre-ordered the Halloween collection, but I definitely need the Alphabet one and the Merry & Bright collections as well! I love your digi collections (for hybrid crafts I am not a digi scrapper) and have quite a few, so glad you are designing ‘real paper’ now!

  2. Janie T on said:

    Oh WOW. I love love Christmas Day. The other lines are great too, but that is my favorite.

  3. Jolaine Frias on said:

    Stunning sneaks!!! LOOOOOVE Christmas Day!

  4. sandra m on said:

    cute releases! Alphabet Junction has my name on it.

  5. Wendi R on said:

    ohhhh I am drooling over here!!! Halloween line is amazing!!! and owls with Merry & Bright!!!!! super cute!!!

  6. Marilyn Nimmo on said:

    LOVE that Christmas Day line—gorgeous!

  7. Ross Plata on said:

    LOVE Christmas Day!! Amazing Collection!!!

  8. Chloe Nielen on said:

    Just LOVe the Alphabet one!! Perfect for kids :-) … can’t believe it’s time for Christmas lines already!! LOL … Merry and Bright is my favourite :-)

  9. Karen on said:

    These collections are fun and bautiful! Thanks for the sneek peek!

  10. Valerie.H on said:

    Awwwwww. They are so cute. Can’t wait.

  11. NinaN on said:

    Thank you for the sneak peek! Loving them all!

  12. Patty on said:

    Love the Christmas Day line….it’s beautiful!

  13. Piali on said:

    Fabulous collections…. Already pre-ordered the Halloween collection….can’t wait for the Christmas ones!!

  14. Luanne on said:

    awesome new releases

  15. Cresta Woodruff on said:

    Loving the Christmas Day line, but I think Merry and Bright will be finding it’s way to my home as well! One can never have too much Christmas paper!

  16. Marcia Dehn-Nix on said:

    I am loving all of these new collections! I can’t wait to see them in person.

  17. Tracey on said:

    Ooooh, I am in love!! These collections are amazing!!

  18. Harley on said:

    Need to get that Halloween set. So sophisticated and beautiful.

  19. Lisa P on said:

    Love, love! Every single one of them is beautiful and right on target. Can’t wait to get ahold of some.

  20. kelly on said:

    really lovely…i can’t decide which of the christmas collections i need.

  21. Beatrice Lawson on said:

    Looking stunning! Love the Alphabet line and both Christmas ones are yumm!

  22. Mary Matthys on said:

    Oh, I think Lindsay is right. You both need to dress up in costumes for the Halloween video! That would be awesome!! I can’t wait to see it!

  23. Erika McDermott on said:

    Love being be able to have a sneak peak. The Christmas design is awesome.

  24. Michelle Liimatainen on said:

    OMG!!!! I want that Halloween line to make a cool banner for my porch this year (I live in Salem, MA) and I want those Christmas lines to make some wreaths!!! GAH!!! I LOVE THEM ALL! :)

  25. sharon gullikson on said:

    I really like Christmas Day–very old fashioned and pretty.

  26. CourtneyV on said:

    Ohhh my word cannot wait to see what gets in!! love them all but especially Christmas Day and Alphabet junction

  27. Manhattan Mandie on said:

    LOVE the new lines!!! I can’t wait to get my hands on all of it!

  28. Pam Spradlin on said:

    I think that All Hallow’s Eve will be my favorite.

  29. Juliana on said:

    They are gorgeous! I am not sure I could pick a fave if I had too!!!

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  31. KimberlyRae on said:

    Oh My My! They are all so Fabulous…if I had to choose would be Merry and Bright! I would love to work with the Whimsical and Happy colors and Fun Designs :) Thank you for sharing your new stuffs. Love Them All♥

  32. rhibrix2 on said:

    Ooh so excited about these new collections :)

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  35. Charo on said:

    Very beautifuls collections…all!!


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  39. sherry on said:

    Love the Collections coming.

  40. Brandy on said:

    I love all of these it is just so hard to choose just one favorite!

  41. Drycha on said:

    that Halloween line is so interesting!!!! :D

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